El Portal 17th Annual Tequila Tasting

Shot & Produced By Emily Clede

Rose's Pawn Shop - What Were You Waiting For

Emily Clede: Producer

Leslie Andrew Ridings: Director

Plantronics - "Phablet" DIRECTOR'S CUT

Assistant Producer: Emily Clede

Director: Ryan Steven Green

Caregivers (2014)

Created By Emily (Robinson) Clede & Justin Shenkarow

COC: Michael Smith, Interior Designer & Founder of Michael Smith Inc.

Emily Clede: Associate Producer/Cinematographer

COC: Howard Marks, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Oaktree Capital Management

Emily Clede: Associate Producer/Cinematographer

Lolo Boutique Commercial (2013)

Emily Clede: Writer/Producer

Junkyard Tea Party

Emily Clede: Producer/Writer/Cinematographer